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That's none of your damn business!

... and I'll thank you to stay out of my personal affairs.

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Birthdate:Nov 6, 1980
Location:Rhode Island, United States of America

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aerosmith, alyson hannigan, amc's the walking dead, angel, animal rescue, animals, arrested development, asthma, back to the future, backstreet boys, beach, ben folds, bettas, bette midler, bike riding, blades of glory, blogging, books, boston, bret harrison, britney spears, buffy the vampire slayer, burt's bees, camping, chickens, chinese food, chipotle, christopher walken, coca cola, conan o'brien, cooking, cosmetology, craigslist, crocheting, crossing jordan, danny wood, david boreanaz, days of our lives, dogs, donald faison, donnie wahlberg, dreaming, e.t., family, flogging molly, friends, glee, gmail, goldfinger, goldfish, grounded for life, harper's island, heroes, himym, horror, instant messaging, italian food, jason bateman, jason mraz, jason segel, jem, jenna fischer, jim beaver, joey mcintyre, jon stewart, jonathan knight, jordan knight, joss whedon, keychains, kingdom hearts, kodak easyshare, laptops, law & order, leonardo dicaprio, livejournal, lost, love, ltd commodities, lupo's heartbreak hotel, making new friends, malcolm in the middle, massachusetts, movies, mp3s, mtv, music, mutts, my name is earl, mystery, neil patrick harris, netflix, new england, nintendo ds, nintendo wii, nkotb, nkotbsb, ocd, paint shop pro, paul rudd, penguins, pets, petsmart, photography, pro-choice, providence, purses, reading, reaper, reel big fish, rhode island, ri, scooby doo, scrubs, sex, sex and the city, shopping, silent hill, sony, sprint, stephen king, supernatural, swimming, taco bell, target, tattoos, text messaging, textaholic, thayer street, the office, the virgin suicides, the walking dead, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tinkerbell, toby keith, torrid, travelling, twitter, vertigo, vh1, walmart, weezer, weight loss, what about bob, writing
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